July 2015

Direct links to legally download ISO Windows 8 and 8.1 x86/x64

You can do not like Windows 8 but it has definitely been a novelty and a strong market move to capture a major share of the market, it was in fact the first OS for Desktop to have support for touch devices and many of its problems have been fixed by Windows 8.1. Officially to download Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you have to use the software Media Creation Tool but unoficially we can download them...

Motorola Photon Q: how to solve the signal and battery problems

Some months ago I had worked hard on a "sim-modded" Motorola Photon Q to improve via software the connection 2G/3G and for this I released several updates for the gsm patch to reconfigure the RIL interface to make it correctly work on european gsm networks. The patch had improved the signal and the performance of data traffic, optimized the switching 2G/3G and accelerated the recovery of the...

Motorola Droid 4: poll on rom usage in Russia

Droid 4 Rom Poll
Some month ago the 4pda community for the Droid 4 made a poll on the rom usage and this is the result: