February 2016

Boost'cache lifetime ignored in Drupal 7: how to solve the problem

Sometime in Drupal 7 the Boost 's cache is flushed during the cron without respecting the Boost maximum cache lifetime setting, this happens when the cron is running and there is an attempt to re-run it, something goes wrong and the Boos'ts cache is flushed. To solve this problem i made that the Boost's hook_cron is executed for last using the function hook_module_implements_alter : function...

Ovi Maps 3.06 Final (11wk10 b01): modded version to be installed on E

This is a mod of the final version of Ovi Maps 3.06(11wk10 b01) that can be installed on the external memory E to save space in C, the only component that will be installed in C is the Check In Agent. In this way it is possible save about 15mb in C. To install this version of Ovi Maps you must first uninstall any older versions of ovi maps and being a mod is unsigned and to install it in your phone it has to be hacked and you have to activate the patch installserver or have to certify it before installing.