Direct links to download maps for Nokia Ovi Maps 3.06 directly on your computer without Nokia Maps Loader and Nokia Suite

Download maps for Nokia Maps would be very simple but very often becomes a thing detested; Nokia provides two software to do this, Nokia Maps Loader and Nokia Ovi Suite but both have troubles.

Nokia Maps Loader would be ideal to download maps as it allows us to download maps directly to every continent but very often it happens that after downloading maps the program fails to install on the phone reporting an error.

Nokia Ovi Suite instead works perfectly but does not allow you to install the maps of a whole continent, allows you to install only the maps of nations, then you should repeat the process for each country, something quite odious.

Nokia also did not think of all those who do not use a Windows operating system; Who uses Linux or a Mac how it should do to install maps on your phone?

Finally it might be convenient to download the maps directly to your computer so you have it available.

So to avoid losing time behind Nokia softwares, to install maps if we are using Linux or a Mac, or to store them locally, you can download directly to your computer the maps for your navigator by following these links


Maps version

Maps version

Maps version

Always download the same version of the maps.

After downloading the maps on your computer will be easy to install on your phone, just follow these steps:

  1. Extract the contents of files downloaded to your computer (they will be folders called with numbers and letters)
  2. Start at least once Nokia Maps on your phone to make the program create a clean folder with the structure for maps
  3. Connect your phone in mass storage mode
  4. Copy the contents of folders on the phone in the path:


If you want to enter multiple continents you have to repeat the process for each folder of the continent downloaded and whether you will be prompted to overwrite files you have to accepted, everything is normal.

You can also download the voice and to install it you just have to copy the contents of the zip file in the path:


Finally, if you want to consult the maps for addresses and points of interest without being connected to the network then you must also download the following index files by following these links:


Index Maps version

Index Maps version 

Index Maps version 

typically Nokia Ovi Maps download and install these files only when you are connected to the network, but you can also install them manually; To install, extract the contents of downloaded files in the path:


and if you are asked to overwrite files you can accept, this is normal.

This way you can simply install all the maps you want.

If after installing the maps they are on the phone but you can not see them either in Nokia Suite or in the Update section of Nokia Maps then:

  • delete from the phone memory the file:


  • connect your phone to your computer
  • in Nokia Suite go to the World Map
  • click the phone icon and then click on the maps to your phone, so Nokia Suite will scan again the maps on the phone and will solve the problem

Now before you get behind the wheel the last important thing: speed cameras. Yes, we can install and update even speed cameras for Nokia Ovi Maps, and this is the easiest thing to do in fact you can simply download this file and put it in the path:


Well, now after updating the maps and speed cameras you can get behind the wheel.

Have a good trip.