Eraser: how to permanently delete files from Windows

One of the most basic operations that takes place in an Operating System is the elimination of the data, but let's clear on a thing, deleting a file it is not permanently deleted from the hard drive but is simply "said" to the Operating System that space hard drive where that file was previously is now available again and can be written by new data but as long as this does not happen is safely possible to recover previously deleted files.

To permanently delete a file or clean up the available space there are many programs but the best is Eraser and especially the version 5.86 that is one of the latest versions similar to the original written by Garrett Trant before Eraser was upset by the new maintainer.

You can download this version of Eraser referring to these links:

Eraser 5.86 x86

Eraser 5.86 x64

The best program to delete files.