How to find the password of your facebook contacts

And now we will touch a very sensitive argument trying to give concrete answers and trying to dispel myths and legends.

How many of you have asked at least once how to find the password of a contact facebook? I think in many; on the web there are many requests from people who want to discover passwords of alleged girls who betray, of molesters of children and so on ... the legends tell of tricks that allow you to find the much coveted password with a simple key combinations or of imaginary programs that promise to be able to discover the password of your contacts; in facebook often we read of frightened people that is alarming because a hacker has stolen his password and that put on alert all their virtual friends indicating some strange account as the author of the theft.

But it will all be true?!?! The answer is simple and concise... NO!!!

If a true hacker wants to steal the password of a contact he will study the system that have to attack, he will find a flaw and will use it to enter in the database,he will find the password and will try to decrypt it... and all this without that you could minimally suspect nothing... well, with the words it is all very easy, but with the facts is not that simple, there are few people able to accomplish this miracle, and certainly they will not waste time on facebook.

But unfortunately for you, there are not only hackers, but there are even the lamers and they are the ones who generally try to steal passwords using Trojans, exploiting the naivety of the people, using the so-called social engineering or simply tricking their victim.

Let us see then how it is possible to know a facebook password trying to show all the possible scenarios, from the simplest to the most complicated:

  • The easiest thing to try to discover a password is to use social engineering, ie knowing the victim to try to guess the password or try to change it by answering the secret question, this method is generally very effective, just think that 20% of users generally uses his date of birth as a password and on facebook this type of information are generally shared.
  • Find the facebook password with a dictionary attack. What is this? In theory, nothing more simple; knowing the email address to attack they will try one after another a series of passwords entered in a preloaded dictionary. Practically this is a very complicated thing since the success of this attack depends on the availability of a very good dictionary, which means the highest possible number of combinations of letters, numbers and symbols that can be used as a password and also this kind of attack can last an infinite time, finally this type of attack is now obsolete on facebook since from several months after repeated attempts to login with different passwords, the system asks a captcha just to make sure to log in either a human person.
  • Find the facebook password with a fake login. A fake login, as you can imagine is a fake login created copying the facebook access page and practically the victim believes to access to Facebook but in fact he'll send his login credentials, so the only hard thing to do is to let victims to access in the fake login. This method is operating at 100% and is not very difficult to use.
  • Find the facebook password with a keylogger. A keylogger is a software that saves all the characters typed by the victim, including the username and the password. The difficulty in this case is to install the keylogger on the victim's machine and retrieve the log; some keylogger can send the logs via FTP but it is still the problem of the installation.
  • Find the facebook password with a trojan. A Trojan is a apparently innocent file that when executed by the victim on his machine takes invisibly the control and allows those who control it to do just about anything on the machine so also recover all passwords, including those of facebook.

In conclusion do not use passwords like your date of birth, create passwords with alphanumeric and special characters, always access to Facebook from the original site and never suspicious links, pay close attention to the files that run.