How to install Mandriva 2011.0 x64

Always the graphics cards from ATI have problems with linux, this is because ATI does not release valid drivers; Usually the problems presented themselves after installation and you could solve using the generic vesa driver with the inconvenience of not being able to use 3D effects or the non-free fglrx drivers.

With the release of Mandriva 2011.0 the problems for the owners of VGA ATI occur immediately, atinstallation of the distribution resulting in the inability to install the Operating System; By starting the installation in fact it hangs generally at this point:

Starting Remount Root FS failed ...
Starting Recreate Volatile Files and Directories failed ...
Starting LSB: Virtualbox Additions service failed ...
Started LSB: Adaptive readahead daemon

this problem is caused by the video drivers.

To complete the installation you must open a shell by pressing ALT+F2 and login as root without entering any password, just enter the command:


then stop the X server with the command:

service dm stop

we start the control center with the command:


on Display choose the generic driver xorg|vesa, select our monitor model, our resolution and confirm;

Finally we start again the X server to complete the installation by running the command:

service dm start

In this way we will able to complete the installation of Mandriva 2011.0