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Trenitalia and online tickets with wrong QR Code: you could miss the train

Last week, for a weekend out of town, I organized my round trip by train, combining different tickets on the Trenitalia website, paying for them in a single solution via PayPal. Immediately I notice a very strange thing, the electronic tickets that are delivered to me by email don't indicate the real price I paid for each route but for each ticket repeat the total amount paid. Perplexed, I check...

Install the Melopero FAN HAT on a Raspberry Pi 4 with LibreELEC

Yesterday a friend asked me for help to make the fan Melopero work on a Raspberry Pi 4 with LibreELEC. The Melopero fan installation procedure is designed for Raspbian and this is the python script that manages the fan. To make the fan working on LibreELEC it is necessary to perform the following steps: Install the Addon Raspberry Pi Tools in LibreELEC Connect to the Raspberry via ssh: ssh [email protected]

Remove Green Power function from UPS: allow UPS work with low load

Does your UPS turn off after exactly 5 minutes? Quiet, it's not broken, it's the fault of the Green Power function. In the past years, in fact, several brands manifactured their UPS with a function called Green Power, and due to Green Power function the UPS shutdown in 5 minutes when it is on battery and the total load on the UPS is equal or less than 10% of the UPS capacity, therefore if there...

FritzBox 6890 LTE: great ambitions but bad results with serious Wi-Fi problems

A few months ago I was been able to update my home internet connection from an ADSL line to an FTTC line, so I also had to buy a new VDSL2 modem/router to replace the old ADSL2. I would have liked to buy a VDSL2 modem/router on which to install OpenWrt and the only one available would have been the BT Home Hub 5 which unfortunately only supports profile FTTC 17a and not 35b, I could have bought a...

Linux: how to run speedtest from terminal

Sometime I need to check the internet speed via command line interface (cli) on some headless Linux server without X11. I could install some apposite tool but considering that I usually need to execute the speedtest on the fly and once only, then I prefer a simpler alternative, I use speedtest-cli . Speedtest-cli is a an open source software that can be execute without installation, via wget or...

How to download and install Windows 10 LTSC

Asimov is the code name of the telemetry system that Microsoft introduced with Windows 10 and that shamelessly tracks everything a user does with a PC and it sends and stores everything on Microsoft servers with unique identifiers that allow to recognize each device. Officially it is needed to allow the correct functioning of the OS and softwares like Cortana, but we really do not know what is...

Puppy Linux: Frugal Install on USB with Syslinux

Puppy Linux is a special Linux version meant for old computers and for totally run in ram. Further than for bein installed on aged computers Puppy Linux is great to be used as portable OS installed in an usb flash drive and differently from a live distro it can also save the data if it is installed with a persistence file. For me is really very comfortable always having with me a Linux OS ready...

Linux: convert mdadm raid0 in raid5

Reading the wiki Linux Raid doesn't seem possible convert a raid0 in raid5 without formatting and without losing the data but instead we can do this quickly and with a single command, for example we will convert a raid0 with two disks in a raid5 with three disks: mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --level=5 --raid-devices=3 --add /dev/sdc --backup-file=/tmp/grow_md0.bak

Puppy Linux: change DNS

This simply is a my personal memorandum because when I needed to change the DNS on Puppy Linux I always waste some time for remembering how to do also if this is a really simple procedure. To change the DNS on any Puppy Linux distro we have simply to create the file /etc/resolv.conf.head as following: # Cloudflare DNS servers nameserver nameserver


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