Nokia N97: Change the Product Code with Nemesis

Sometime after installing a custom firmware on a branded phone can happen that at the boot time the phone asks for the protection code and is enough insert any code to continue. Unfortunately this problem can't be solved disabling the protection code that was never been enabled.

To solve this problem we have to debrand the phone changing the product code with the no branded version.

Here we see how to change the product code of a Nokia N97 with Nemesis, obviously with the correcrt codes this guide can be used also for other devices s60v5:

  • Download Nemesis (* link found on internet)
  • Connect the phone at the computer with the usb cable
  • Start Nemesis
  • Click on "Scan for new device", the icon on the upper right
  • Click on "Phone Info"
  • Click on "Scan"
  • Insert the new product code in the section "Product Code" and check "Enable"
  • Click on "Write"
  • Wait for the message "Write new values… Done"
  • Disconnect the phone