Reconfigure the network interface on linux after changing motherboard

In case you have unfortunately burned the motherboard of your computer and you have luckily replaced it with an identical motherboard your computer will work perfectly without you having to format and reinstall everything.

Your Windows operating system will work perfectly, it does not notice anything but on Linux will not be the same... linux will understand that the motherboard has been changed because linux compares the MAC addresses of all the hardware to manage and consequently will also recognize the change of the network card that is generally integrated on the motherboard.

So your new network interface is eth1 and no more eth0 that for Linux will remain the network card that was on the old motherboard.

To solve this problem you will need to edit the file:


removing the line of the old network card eth0 and eth1 line of new network adapter, after this you have to save the file and restart the system; at new boot the system will update the file with the new network card and you will have that the interface of your new network card is eth0 and no more eth1.