Remove Green Power function from UPS: allow UPS work with low load

Does your UPS turn off after exactly 5 minutes? Quiet, it's not broken, it's the fault of the Green Power function.

In the past years, in fact, several brands manifactured their UPS with a function called Green Power, and due to Green Power function the UPS shutdown in 5 minutes when it is on battery and the total load on the UPS is equal or less than 10% of the UPS capacity, therefore if there is a blackout and the devices connected on the UPS consume less than 10% of the UPS capacity, it will shut off in 5 minutes.

This is a totally unwanted function, specially if the UPS is used to power low voltage devices as some router or some little arm soc and unfortunately there isn't any simple way to turn off the Green Power function.

The only way to disable the Green Power function is to disassembly the UPS and remove from the mainboard the resistor marked as R15A. Someone reported that in its UPS the resistor R15A wasn't present and he was been able to disable the Green Power function removing the resistor marked as R43.

In my personal case, I have an old TRUST 1000VA UPS PW-4100T, in the past I have used it with a desktop computer without any problem but when I started use it to protect a modem/router and 4 IPCAM the Green Power function  has started shut off the UPS in 5 minutes. To remove the Green Power function and to use the UPS also with a low load, then I have disassebled it and I have unsoldered the resistor R15A, once disassebled the UPS I have also unsoldered the buzz speaker to remove the annoying beep that was played when the UPS was on battery.