Vodafone Station: find and use the Vodafone DDNS

The  Vodafone Station can be reached remotely by smartphone with its own app and for make this possible the Vodafone uses a proprietary DDNS.

Knowing the above info we can get this DDNS and we can use it for our needs.

To know what is the DDNS that our Vodafone Station uses we can simply reach with the browser this address:


to download the Vodafone Station's config file and we have to find in it the voice DnsAlias that will have a value similar to:


and knowing the above string our DDNS will be:


Another way to quickly find the voice DnsAlias to have our DDNS is simply to run the following command:

curl vodafone.station/main.cgi?action=getconf | grep vox

The big advantage to use the Vodafone DDNS against third parts DDNS is that with the Vodafone's one the IP's update is immediate.