Vstarcam: download the firmware of an IP Camera

The firmware of a Vstarcam IP Camera is composed by a Firmware part and a Web UI part.

Every camera has its own version code for the two firmwares and we can find their version code from the camera web server.

For example for the Vstarcam C7824WIP we have:

Firmware Version

Web UI Version      EN53.8.1.14

The first three digits identify the IP Camera and the last digit is the firmware version, so the Vstarcam C7824WIP has the firmware identified by 48.53.72 and the Web UI identified by 53.8.1 .

With the aboves info we can find the firmware from the following link:


and we can download it in this way:


We can do the same thing for the Web UI, we can find it from the following link:


and we can download it in this way: