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Hi all.
I have been using droid for more than two years with stock rom, cm11 and cm12 using safestrap 3.75
but yesterday trying patch latest 2015 mentor patch to CM12 (ver 5.9.2015) I have due to my (bad) curiosity set the USA basebands in menu of service menu after 4636 . Now I am stucked in czech republic without all GSM trafic and calls in ALL systems (even the stock rom) . In cm12 I tried do all wipe of system data etc and reinstall again cm12 but still no GSM. Finding solutions concerning radio.img on google seems to be useless. Links for download are gone and moreover it was for atrix. Please, mentor, write the warning on your web and give the solution to reset back including help how to flash radio and give the file for droid4 here . I am hopeless. It seems the band change sets permanently some option elswhere - not in system rom - I was hoping the sefestrap compltely isolates difeferent partions as virtual system. Apparently its not the case. Petr Skoda