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Thank you very much ! Now I already understand the tricks. I have unziped the latest Verizon firmware
Found a "radio" partition image - and using my command (notice the fastboot was for linux - but name does not matter )
"fastboot-linux flash radio radio.img" I got a GSM signal back !
Then I have applied the Mentor patch (4.1.6. I think) to all systems (while removing the older patch) I have in safestrap (CM11,CM12 , and stock) and I have perfect GSM signal.
Just to note for others - you have to go to fastboot AP mode on mobile (pressing vol+, vol- and power then select by vol- and confirm by vol+ ). Cable is normal USB universal cable - not needed special Motorola cable.

Mentor - thanks for excellent work on patch - But PLEASE write a warning about NOT setting baseband to USA in Europe and the solution with fastboot to your web page (where you refer to 4636 - I am sure many people will appreciate this !
Petr Skoda