Mentor's Gapps: no set_metadata core Gapps working with ART for Android 4.4.x

If you wont sync your contacts and the calendar with google, if you believe that the gapps are for the most part bloatware and you want to use only the necessary part of Google's services then you can use these gapps for the CM11 and for any AOSP KitKat rom.

Why anyone should want the gmail app if he can use the great native aosp email client?

Why anyone would want the online Google Maps if he use an offline GPS navigation app?

Why anyone should have installed Google Now if he does not like it?

Why these useless apps should eat our resources? and why we should permit to google to spy we with its apps?

In these gapps there are only the minimum core gapps with the Play Store:

  • GoogleLoginService.apk
  • GooglePartnerSetup.apk
  • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  • Phonesky.apk
  • PrebuiltGmsCore.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk

the lib to solve the swype problem of the AOSP keyboard:

and the AOSP Quick Search Box:


You can install every other app from the Play Store.

These gapps are working with ART and they are compatible with recoveries not supporting set_metadata so you can install them also with recoveries that haven't the SELinux support avoiding the status 6 error.


Thanks to Paranoid Android Gapps, I worked on them.

Package icon Mentor's Gapps v1.4 for Android 4.4.x15.29 MB


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