Patch to change BMM partitions layout for Motorola Droid 4

The Motorola Droid 4 xt894 has a lot of memory space unused splitted in two partitions:

  • /preinstall : 600 Mb
  • /webtop : 1,4 Gb

/preinstall is the partition where are stored the preinstalled apps and /webtop is an abandoned partition that under Gingerbread was used for the webtop but since ICS has been abandoned.

We could install a rom in these partitions using:

  • /preinstall for /system_2
  • /webtop for /data_2
  • sharing the /cache partition between /system_1 and /system_2

BMM is an advanced Recovery based on ClockworkMod natively created for the spyder xt909 but fully working on a lot of Motorola omap4 devices, Droid 4 xt894 included.

BMM allows you to install a rom in System_2 using the unused partitions but it uses this layout:

  • it creates a virtual slot in /data/media/virtual/system_1/cache.img for /cache
  • /cache for /system_2
  • /webtop for /data_2
  • /cdrom for /cache_2

and it does not use the partition /preinstall.

Using the patch here attached we can edit the BMM configuration and we do not touch the main system partitions and we can install a second system only using the unused partitions:

  • /system_2 in /preinstall
  • /data_2 in /webtop
  • sharing the /cache partition with /system_1

How to install the patch:

  1. Install BMM
  2. Copy the .zip file to the external memory or memory card
  3. Reboot your phone and enter on BMM
  4. From the Install menu select the .zip file and instal on System_1

Risk of briking:

  • No one: during installation the installer checks everything is ok and stop installation in case of problem


N.B.: BMM does not have the SELinux support so before install the official version of the cm11 with BMM avoiding the status 6 error you have to simply replace in the .zip the updater-script at this path:


with the updater-script in the zip file here attached and then you can install the modded .zip with bmm.



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