Shadow Copy: script to manage the shadow copy space on Windows Vista/Windows 7

If you see that the space on your hard disk decreases abnormally do not worry, this is due to Shadow Copy. Shadow Copy is a feature introduced with Windows XP SP1 and allows the creation of manual or automatic backup copies and in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is used by its backup utility, System Restore and Previous Version; By default, the space used by Shadow Copy is 15% of the hard drive on Windows Vista and 5% of the hard drive on Windows 7; this means that for example, under Vista, on a hard disk of 300 Gb Shadow Copy can come to occupy about 40 Gb.

Windows give us the possibility to manage this space with some simple command.

We can check the space occupied by Shadow Copy with this command:

vssadmin list shadowstorage /for=c

We can resize the space available for Shadow Copy with this command:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /on=c: /for=c: /maxsize=4GB

To simplify the work I created a simple batch script (.bat) that willa automatically do everything, you will see the storage space occupied and give you the ability to manage it, so you can simply download the file "Managing Shadow copy.exe" run it and follow the options that will appear on the screen.


I advise you to set in 4 GB the maximum space available for Shadow Copy.


The password to use the script is: Mentor


File gestire_shadow_copy.exe23.5 KB



Funziona alla perfezione ed è facilissimo da usare, grazie, ciao

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