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Motorola Droid 4: poll on rom usage in Russia

Droid 4 Rom Poll
Some month ago the 4pda community for the Droid 4 made a poll on the rom usage and this is the result:

Question mark in the battery icon on the smartphone Android Motorola

One of my Motorola Droid 4 yesterday decided to make me a little nervous, the phone in question has been purchased a few months ago in new condition, it has always worked perfectly, the battery is always lasted almost three days but always had a small problem with the GPS, to make the fix satellites he needed tens of minutes, a strangest thing considering that the other Motorola Droid 4 in my...

Motorola Droid 4: problem solving and phone optimization

The Motorola Droid 4 is the latest Android phone with a great qwerty keyboard and thanks to that is not going to die now . Usually are the most competent users to appreciate a physical keyboard on a phone and this is why the Motorola Droid 4 has attracted many developers that make it a mobile evergreen . I love it and for correctly use it outsite the US i developed and published the Mentor's Rom...

JB Stock Rom Purifier for the Motorola Droid 4

This is a patch for the Motorola Droid 4 to be installed in recovery to totally debloat and remove the Gapps in the stock JB rom, this zip will remove every app from third parts, every Gapps except the Play Store and will install the AOSP QuickSearch and the simple Voice Search. Removing every gapps you will not be more possible sync the calendar and the contacts with Google, to restore this ability is necessary restore in /system/app with permissions 644 these two app: GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk This zip can be also installed by Verizon users that are using the original stock rom.

Patch to change BMM partitions layout for Motorola Droid 4

The Motorola Droid 4 xt894 has a lot of memory space unused splitted in two partitions: /preinstall : 600 Mb /webtop : 1,4 Gb /preinstall is the partition where are stored the preinstalled apps and /webtop is an abandoned partition that under Gingerbread was used for the webtop but since ICS has been abandoned. We could install a rom in these partitions using: /preinstall for /system_2 /webtop for /data_2 sharing the /cache partition between /system_1 and /system_2 BMM is an advanced Recovery based on ClockworkMod natively created for the spyder xt909 but fully working on a lot of Motorola omap4 devices, Droid 4 xt894 included. BMM allows you to install a rom in System_2 using the unused partitions but it uses this layout: it creates a virtual slot in /data/media/virtual/system_1/cache...

GSM Patch for CyanogenMod 10.1.2 on Motorola Droid 4

Here you can download the last stable version of the CyanogenMod for the Motorola Droid 4 xt894 to install Andorid 4.2.2. This patch is only for non US users. To enable GSM you can install this my patch to insert in the Rom a correct build.prop file for the GSM and a list of europeans APN. The patch is for the CM 10.1.2 and it will enable: fully GSM SMS MMS 3G Data USSD Code The build.prop has been edited with these changes: persist.radio.ap.phonetype=1 ro.telephony.default_network=3 ro.telephony.gsm-routes-us-smsc=0 telephony.lteOnCdmaDevice=0 ro.mot.lte_on_cdma=0 How to install the patch: Copy the .zip file to the external memory or memory card Reboot your phone and enter on Safestrap From the Install menu select the .zip file and instal withotut signature verification on CyanogenMod...


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