Drupal 7: how to block the spam

A big problem for the owners of a web site is the spam by the bots. Me too in this little website that i made with Drupal 7 i had this problem and is for this reason that until some month ago i was usually moderate each single comment approving or deleting it and banning its ip but for me this was a boring operation. Really annoyed by the spam comment bots i decided to solve the problem and after...

Drupal 7: change the content type of a node

If we have to change the content type of some node in Drupal 7 the simplest solution is to work directly on the database. Drupal 7 stores the content type of a node in the database in the table node under the value type and if the node has comments there are references to them in the database in the tables field_data_comment_body and field_revision_comment_body under the value bundle . Understood...


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