HP Battery Alert: reset the message at Computer start

HP Battery Alert
In a laptop one of the component most subject to wear is its battery which we should pay particular attention . Using a laptop powered continuously from the AC power we should disconnect the battery because otherwise this will be subject to a continuous series of microbursts that will kill it . But let's be honest , those of us who buy a laptop and then use it without a battery ? I think no one...

HP Recovery Manager Reset: script to make more times the recovery discs

As we all know, HP Recovery Manager , the utility for the creation of recovery discs integrated in the computers Hewlett Packard allows you to create recovery discs only once, this is possible thanks to a simple control, when the set of Recovery Disc is created the HP Utility creates some control files in different paths through which the subsequent runs will ensure that he has already created a set of recovery discs. So if we wanted to create a second time our set of recovery discs that we are denied, a message warns that a copy has already been created and the program closes. Officially, the only solution is to contact HP to send off the recovery CD to an amount that is about 40-50 Euros. This happens on the Compaq and HP as HP dv5, HP dv6 e HP dv7 with Windows Vista or Windows 7. So as...
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