Technicolor violates OpenWrt GPL License

Technicolor provides modem-router to several ISP around the world, they all have a good hardware and the firmware homeware that is based on OpenWrt and for this they have to provide their GPL Source Code. In the Technicolor website there is an apposite section to request the GPL Source code and it can be reached at this page , and where they offer to send their Open Source Code to everyone get in...

Install the Melopero FAN HAT on a Raspberry Pi 4 with LibreELEC

Yesterday a friend asked me for help to make the fan Melopero work on a Raspberry Pi 4 with LibreELEC. The Melopero fan installation procedure is designed for Raspbian and this is the python script that manages the fan. To make the fan working on LibreELEC it is necessary to perform the following steps: Install the Addon Raspberry Pi Tools in LibreELEC Connect to the Raspberry via ssh: ssh [email protected]

Voipblock for modem-router Technicolor: calls blacklist for several devices provided by italian ISP

Thanks to the joint effort of an entire community it has been possible to unlock many modems/routers produced by Technicolor and based on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1, including the Smart Modem Plus DGA4130 (AGTEF), the FastGate DGA4131, the TIM HUB DGA4132 (AGTHP) and also several other devices: TG589vac TG788vn v2 TG789vac v2 HP TG789vac v1 TG789vac v2 TG789vac XTREAM 35B TG799vac TG799vac XTREAM TG800vac After unlocking it is also possible to install a GUI that allows access to all the features of the device. More info can be found here , here and here . The hard-working community has also proposed several implementations of a system to create a calls blacklist, some implementations use the iptables firewall, other implementations use asterisk. Below is a new solution called Voipblock...

Linux: how to run speedtest from terminal

Sometime I need to check the internet speed via command line interface (cli) on some headless Linux server without X11. I could install some apposite tool but considering that I usually need to execute the speedtest on the fly and once only, then I prefer a simpler alternative, I use speedtest-cli . Speedtest-cli is a an open source software that can be execute without installation, via wget or...

Bash script to send Bulk email with Postfix and Gmail

Sometime it is needed send the same email at several people, unfortunately ours email services providers doesnt' allow this, usually there is a daily limit for the outgoing emails and if we put a lot of recipients in the Ccn field the email is marked as spam and it is blocked. For sending Bulk email there are a lof of professional services but if we don't have to accomplish this task regularly and we don't need that all the recipients receive the email in the same time then we can use a different approach. Gmail, for example, allow us to send an email at 500 recipients every 24 hours, but if we use the field CCn with a lot of recipients then the email si blocked. With these considerations we can send our email at 500 recipients, wait 24 hours and then send the same email at others 500...

Puppy Linux: Frugal Install on USB with Syslinux

Puppy Linux is a special Linux version meant for old computers and for totally run in ram. Further than for bein installed on aged computers Puppy Linux is great to be used as portable OS installed in an usb flash drive and differently from a live distro it can also save the data if it is installed with a persistence file. For me is really very comfortable always having with me a Linux OS ready...

Linux: convert mdadm raid0 in raid5

Reading the wiki Linux Raid doesn't seem possible convert a raid0 in raid5 without formatting and without losing the data but instead we can do this quickly and with a single command, for example we will convert a raid0 with two disks in a raid5 with three disks: mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --level=5 --raid-devices=3 --add /dev/sdc --backup-file=/tmp/grow_md0.bak

Puppy Linux: change DNS

This simply is a my personal memorandum because when I needed to change the DNS on Puppy Linux I always waste some time for remembering how to do also if this is a really simple procedure. To change the DNS on any Puppy Linux distro we have simply to create the file /etc/resolv.conf.head as following: # Cloudflare DNS servers nameserver nameserver

zm_auto: a bash script to totally automate Zoneminder

This is a bash script with several functions to totally automate Zoneminder and is also present a service to install to automatically start this script at boot. With this script you can: automatically switch the Day and Night states based on hour automatically switch to the Armed state if a bluetooth device isn't more detected automatically move the ptz cameras in two different preset when changing state automatically restart Zoneminder if it goes in the Inactive state Here the code of #!/bin/bash # License: GPL # # Author: Mentor <[email protected]> # # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or # modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License # as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 # of the License, or...


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