Linux: how to run speedtest from terminal

Sometime I need to check the internet speed via command line interface (cli) on some headless Linux server without X11. I could install some apposite tool but considering that I usually need to execute the speedtest on the fly and once only, then I prefer a simpler alternative, I use speedtest-cli . Speedtest-cli is a an open source software that can be execute without installation, via wget or...

Script MATLAB to map the S-plane to Z-plane

The points of the s plane are related to the z plane by the function: and below the code of a MATLAB script to map on the z plane the points of the s plane: thetaS=0:pi/8:2*pi; circ=exp(j*thetaS); plot(circ);hold on zz=ones(size(circ))*(.00001+j*0.0001) plot([zz;circ]) axis 'square' % Visualising the complex exponential %       &...

Windows: download the Debugging Tool as standalone archive

Officially to use the Windows Debugging Tool we have to download the whole Windows SDK and then we have to search it and install it. Fortunately Julien Crozon has extracted, packed and made available Windows Debugging Tool 6.12 as standalone archive, we have only to download it and execute Windbg: Debugging Tools for Windows v6.12 x64 Debugging Tools for Windows v6.12 x86 Source:

Windows Update stuck on Checking for Updates: solve the problem with WSUS

If on Windows should happen that Windows Update search the updates forever, remaining stuck on "Checking for Updates" the simplest way to solve the problem is using WSUS Offline Update . Browsing the web for this problem a lot of people advise to install some packet or some patch, I tried everything and for me the only solution has been using WSUS Offline Update to search and install the missing...

Ovi Maps 3.06 Final (11wk10 b01): modded version to be installed on E

This is a mod of the final version of Ovi Maps 3.06(11wk10 b01) that can be installed on the external memory E to save space in C, the only component that will be installed in C is the Check In Agent. In this way it is possible save about 15mb in C. To install this version of Ovi Maps you must first uninstall any older versions of ovi maps and being a mod is unsigned and to install it in your phone it has to be hacked and you have to activate the patch installserver or have to certify it before installing.

Regedit and PsExec: how to edit and delete every key in the Windows registry

If you think that running the regedit as administrator then you can edit or delete every key present in the Windows registry then you are in error. Even running the regedit as administrator there are some low livel keys that can't be edited or deleted, trying we have this explicit error: Access Denied or: Error while deleting key If we have to edit or delete one of these untouchable keys we can...


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