PowerShell: scripts to check for missing and installed windows updates

These are two scripts for the Windows PowerShell to check for missing and installed windows updates based on this and this . One checks for the missing Windows updates splatting them for Important, Recommended and Hidden. The other checks for the installed Windows updates splatting them for Important and Recommended. They split the updates in Important and Recommended based on how they are setted in the Windows Update Settings. To exeute them you have to unrestrict the PowerShell permissions: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted To restrict the PowerShell permissions: Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted

Script to remove the unused devices not connected to the pc in Windows

Windows Device Manager only shows the devices that are connected to the computer and so if we want to remove an old device not more connected we should before connect it and then we could remove it. Remove the old devices now unused is really important to have a clean computer. nella macchina. If we don't have more a device we will not find it anymore in the list but we can use some command to remove it. We have to start the Prompt cmd.exe as administrator and we can use these commands: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 start devmgmt.msc In the window that will be opened in the Device Manager we have to enable the viewing of the hidden devices. Only now we will have a list of every installed device and we can choose which of them remove. To automate this, I created a script that will...

Shadow Copy: script to manage the shadow copy space on Windows Vista/Windows 7

If you see that the space on your hard disk decreases abnormally do not worry, this is due to Shadow Copy . Shadow Copy is a feature introduced with Windows XP SP1 and allows the creation of manual or automatic backup copies and in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is used by its backup utility, System Restore and Previous Version; By default, the space used by Shadow Copy is 15% of the hard drive on Windows Vista and 5% of the hard drive on Windows 7; this means that for example, under Vista, on a hard disk of 300 Gb Shadow Copy can come to occupy about 40 Gb . Windows give us the possibility to manage this space with some simple command. We can check the space occupied by Shadow Copy with this command: vssadmin list shadowstorage /for=c We can resize the space available for Shadow Copy with...

HP Recovery Manager Reset: script to make more times the recovery discs

As we all know, HP Recovery Manager , the utility for the creation of recovery discs integrated in the computers Hewlett Packard allows you to create recovery discs only once, this is possible thanks to a simple control, when the set of Recovery Disc is created the HP Utility creates some control files in different paths through which the subsequent runs will ensure that he has already created a set of recovery discs. So if we wanted to create a second time our set of recovery discs that we are denied, a message warns that a copy has already been created and the program closes. Officially, the only solution is to contact HP to send off the recovery CD to an amount that is about 40-50 Euros. This happens on the Compaq and HP as HP dv5, HP dv6 e HP dv7 with Windows Vista or Windows 7. So as...
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