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Hi Mentor
Yes, I have done a factory reset.
Regarding the lags, it is better than it was with stock rom, so I can live with it. I suspect that the radio chips used by Motorola have some problems with GSM. The first Motorola phone I bought was a Milestone, and however it was supposed to be a GSM phone, it was crashing when switching to 2G, so getting out of subway almost always resulted in reboot. Then I bought Milestone II, it was not rebooting, but sometimes it took up to 10 seconds to get a response from the phone, ie. to unlock the display. So when I figured out the data connection issue, I was not too surprised. The major reason why I stick with Motorola is the hardware keyboard.

I tried to do some research about the keyboad mapping. The only refular keymap file is the one selected when no specific layout is selected in preferences (/system/usr/keychars/omap4-keypad.kcm). The other language files I didn't find, so I tried to look into application
RS - Hardware Keyboard Layouts and the apk has the extra keymaps inside, so I suppose that the other keymaps are in some system apk. So far I can switch between default and czech keyboard, however the procedure is quite inconvinient and if you manage to fix the
US english keymap, it would be appreciated.