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yes I did. I even deleted the OS (I wiped data, cache, dalvik and system from SafeStrap), bricked my phone, unbricked it, installed the patch, wiped again dalvik and cache from SafeStrap - the result is the same.The is FC randomly. Flashed again the stock ROM with full data wipe, root it, safestrap, flashed the patch, factory reset from - the final result is the same.

On the other hand with other SIM card from other Provider this patch seems to work great. On CM11 M2, M3, M6 and my current SIM the patch apparently was running smooth and great. There was some FC after a random reboot, but I did not pay any attention to this FC as it were extremely rare ones.

P.S. Do you have a build.prop file configured for XT912, Jelly Bean? I am looking forward to try the manual setup.

Thx for your prompt reply!