Scaricare i firmwares originali Nokia dopo il blocco di Navifirm

Nokia da Aprile 2013 ha bloccato il libero accesso ai servers sui quali sono caricati i vari firmware di tutti i telefoni e di conseguenza anche Navifirm è divenuto inutilizzabile. Navifirm è un programma molto conosciuto tra gli smanettoni di casa Nokia e permetteva di scaricare tutti i firmwares originali dei dispositivi nokia ma se ora lo si prova ad utilizzare ci da il benvenuto questo...

Mentor's Firmware: custom firmware for the Nokia N97

Info Firmware
This is a custom firmware for the Nokia N97 RM-505 based on the official version Nokia 22.0.110, it has been conceived and designed with the aim to be the least invasive as possible, in it there are not third-party software, there have only been important system changes and have been implemented new features, everything for the better usage of this terminal, for make it faster and more pleasant to use. Remember that install on your phone a custom firmware voids the Nokia warranty and if the flash of the new firmware is not properly done it can cause an irreparable damage to the phone, so be careful. Firstly a bit of technical knowledge regarding the Nokia firmware; The Nokia firmwares consist of several files including Core, Rofs2, Rofs3 and Uda and they are read by the OS exactly in the...
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