Petizione per richiedere la costruzione di un nuovo Smartphone Android con una tastiera qwerty slider

Chi mi segue da un po di tempo sa benissimo che in passato ho avuto un Nokia N97 ed al momento sono in possesso di un Motorola Droid 4 e di un Motorola Photon Q , tutti smartphones touch accomunati dalla presenza di una comodissima tastiera full qwerty a scomparsa. Al momento il Motorola Droid 4 ed il Motorola Photon Q sono ancora due ottimi telefoni ma purtroppo sono gli ultimi telefoni con...

Programmi da installare su un Nokia N97 per utilizzarlo al meglio

Abbiamo appena installato il Mentor's Firmware sul nostro Nokia N97 ed ora dopo avergli dato nuova vita vediamo quali sono i programmi da installare per sfruttare al meglio questo terminale: RomPatcher+ freeware programma per gestire le patch per la ROM, ecco le migliori in assoluto: -Bluetooth Locker.rmp -c2z.rmp -c2z4bin.rmp -e2z.rmp -Install Server RP+.rmp -Lock GPRS WLAN.rmp -No Led Foto.rmp...

How manually do the backup of a Nokia N97

Nokia offers its users a lot of methods for backing up and restoring data from its terminals, from computers and from the phone itself, but unfortunately none of these methods is really working or 100% satisfactory then after formatting we will always lose something, and so we will always do the work already done in the past. The best thing to do to have a proper backup is to manually save the...

Mentor's Firmware: custom firmware for the Nokia N97

Info Firmware
This is a custom firmware for the Nokia N97 RM-505 based on the official version Nokia 22.0.110, it has been conceived and designed with the aim to be the least invasive as possible, in it there are not third-party software, there have only been important system changes and have been implemented new features, everything for the better usage of this terminal, for make it faster and more pleasant to use. Remember that install on your phone a custom firmware voids the Nokia warranty and if the flash of the new firmware is not properly done it can cause an irreparable damage to the phone, so be careful. Firstly a bit of technical knowledge regarding the Nokia firmware; The Nokia firmwares consist of several files including Core, Rofs2, Rofs3 and Uda and they are read by the OS exactly in the...

Save the menu configuration of the Nokia N97

Sometimes it happens that for no apparent reason our nokia leak customization and organization of the entire menu so we have to rearrange everything , recreate our folders and move the icons of all programs ... this is just a job but somewhat annoying . To prevent this big job we can just save and eventually restore the file that manages the menu of our nokia . The file in question is...

Original Widgets Nokia N97

You did a Deep reset of your Nokia N97 and now you find yourself without the original widget for your phone ?! Well, no problem , here again to you all widgets.

Original themes Nokia N97

Here are the three original themes of the Nokia N97 ; These are the themes that come standard on this model and now you can install it on any Nokia Symbian 5th ( 5800 , 5530 ) . Enjoy them !
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