Mentor's Rom: Rom GSM\UMTS for the Motorola Droid 4

This is a Custom ROM for the Motorola Droid 4 xt894 and is available for ICS and for JB.

The ICS version is based on the official version 6.7.2-180_DR4-16_M2-37 (.217) with Android 4.0.4 ICS.

The JB version is based on the official versione 9.8.2O-72_VZW-18 (.18) with Android 4.1.2 JB.

The Motorola Droid 4 is an Android smartphone with a full slide-out qwerty keyboard built from Motorola for the American mobile operator Verizon and also being a Global Phone that can be used on GSM it is optimized for Verizon's CDMA network and many functions are locked if the phone is used with other sims.

The limitations of the Stock Rom used with a sim different from Verizon on a GSM network outside the USA are the following:

  • At every boot a message notifies you that you are using a sim of unknown source
  • The system languages available are just: English and Spanish
  • The GSM\UMTS signal is low
  • When making a call is automatically prefixed to the number the country code even when it is already saved in the phone book with the prefix and thus non-existent numbers are dialed
  • To use the Internet you have to set the APN manually
  • The MMS do not work outside of the Verizon network
  • The call forwarding is disabled outside of the Verizon network
  • The thetering does not work outside of the Verizon network
  • All sevices base of the phone are diverted to Verizon servers
  • There is a Spyware communicating personal information to Motorola
  • There are installed softwares, services and frameworks that Verizon used to operate the phone on the CDMA network and they will only work on Verizon's CDMA network, using the Droid 4 on a GSM network they are useless and unusable but they are still active and in addition to taking up about 100 mb the partition / system and 100 mb of RAM they contribute greatly to drain battery power
  • The battery drains very quickly not being optimized for the GSM network

In part, it is possible to overcome the problem of languages by installing Morelocale2 but it does not translate the phone into other languages outside of English and Spanish in fact it allows you to set a new location, and if the apps (and the menus are part of a system app) have the language corresponding to the new location they use the new location otherwise they remain in English and in this case the phone will be in the English language since Verizon has completely removed from the Droid4 all languages outside of English and Spanish. The apps that will use the language according to the new location set by MoreLocale are third-party apps pre-installed (like Facebook) and the all new apps that are downloaded from the Play Store, but the basic interface of the phone will be in English.

This Rom has been designed with the aim to completely eliminate the Verizon blocks and applications, with the aim of optimizing the GSM\UMTS support, with the aim of optimizing the battery drain on GSM network supporting the Fast Dormancy and with the aim to extending locales and languages for all Countries of Central Europe and others Countries. In it there are not third-party softwares, there are only important system changes.

The rom is created as an official rom's update so it is not very large, it can be installed with Safestrap on stock rom. After installation you can also uninstall Safestrap and unroot the phone.

Please note that if the installation is not done correctly it can cause an irreparable damage to the phone, so be careful.

Available Versions:

  • ICS:
    • compatible with: 6.7.2-180_DR4-16_M2-37
    • last update: 14-02-2016
    • development status: no further development
  • JB:
    • compatible with: 9.8.2O-72_VZW-18-8
    • last update: 14-02-2016
    • development status: no further development

The Mentor's Rom updates the Droid 4 Stock Rom optimizing the GSM, removing all the settings of the Global Network (cdma and lte) unnecessary for the use of this terminal outside the US, fully enabling the features locked by Verizon, removing all unnecessary Verizon components and installing the support for the Fast Dormancy and for these languages ​​and localizations:

Arabic [JB only], Danish, German, Greek, English, American English, English Australia, English Singapore, Spanish, American Spanish, Suomi Finnish, French, Canadian French, Italian, Hebrew [JB only], Norwegian Bokmål, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese [ICS only], Russian [JB only], Swedish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese [JB only], Traditional Chinese [JB only]

Here the Mentor's Rom changelog:

  • GSM\UMTS Rom
  • Languages ​​and locales: ar  da  de  el  en_GB  en_US  es  es_US  fi  fr_FR  fr_CA  it  iw  nb  nl  pl  pt  pt_PT  ru  sv  tr  zh-rCN  zh-rTW
  • Free space on /system: approximately 200 MB
  • Free RAM at clean system: approximately 450 MB
  • Increased battery life: up to three days at clean system
  • Improved quality of GSM signal
  • Debloated
  • Unlocked the hidden menu Testing for managing the baseband accessible by dialing the code * # * # 4636 # * # *


  • Optimized and improved GSM \ UMTS support
  • Removed all Verizon and preinstalled app [63 on ICS | 60 on JB]
  • Removed all Verizon libraries [19 on ICS | 19 on JB]
  • Removed all Verizon services [16 on ICS | 23 on JB]
  • Removed Verizon locked bookmarks
  • Removed Backup Assistant Plus for non Verizon users
  • Removed Spyware Motorola
  • Removed Global Network popup
  • Added all localizations
  • Completely translated MOTOBLUR interface for new locales
  • Translated all application for new locales
  • Added all languages for new locales
  • Added all APN for new locales
  • Addedd all voices for TTS for new locales
  • Added all languages for external keyboard for new locales
  • Enabled Call Forwarding outside Verizon network
  • Enabled USSD codes
  • Added the Fast Dormancy [JB only from version 01/01/2015]
  • Enabled send/receive MMS for non Verizon users
  • Enabled HotSpot in GSM for non Verizon users
  • Enabled aGPS for non Verizon users
  • Enabled led in charging
  • Added Wizard Setup working for non Verizon users
  • Added percentace on battery
  • Added widgets in status bar
  • Enabled OBEX bluetooth profile
  • Enabled SIM sync
  • Enabled SIM Toolkit
  • Added all languages for Swype keyboard for new locales [JB only]

What's working:

  • Everything, including:
    • HDMI
    • Webtop
    • Lapdock

How to install the ROM:

  1. Root the phone (ICS, JB)
  2. Install Safestrap 3.75
  3. Copy the Mentor's file to the external memory or memory card
  4. Reboot your phone and enter on Safestrap
  5. From the Install menu select the Mentor's file and instal withotut signature verification on Stock Rom

Risk of briking:

  • No one: During installation the installer checks everything is ok and that you are installing the correct version on the stock rom to avoid soft bricks due to distraction, in case of problem it stops installation and it gives the reason

Advice post-installation:

  • ATTENTION: the version for JB automatically performs a factory reset at first install
  • After installing the ROM to optimize the GSM go into the hidden menu Testing typing the code *#*#4636#*#* and you have to make sure that the rom has set and otherwise you have to set: Phone info -> Set prefered network type -> GSM auto (PRL)
  • After installing the Rom you can uninstall Safestrap and have the Stock Rom fully working, optimized for GSM\UMTS, with your location and language. To remove SafeStrap you have to reinstall the app, then you have to uninstall the recovery and finally you can remove the app
  • On JB you can remove every Gapp with this patch

This is the only rom for the Motorola Droid 4 that can operate without SafeStrap and supporting the Fast Dormancy for GSM network in order to have a low battery drain.

Stock JB Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Wizard (in Italian)Languages for Mentor's Rom JB in WizardVerizon Alert removed in Mentor's RomStock JB Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Wizard (in Italian)Stock JB Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Wizard (in Italian)Stock JB Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Wizard (in Italian)Stock JB Status Bar Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Status Bar Wizard (in Italian)Stock JB Home after Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Home after Wizard (in Italian)Stock JB Privacy Alert vs Mentor's Rom JB Privacy Alert (in Italian)Stock JB Wizard vs Mentor's Rom JB Wizard (in Italian)Stock JB Settings vs Mentor's Rom JB Settings (in Italian)Thetering not working in Stock JB vs Theatering working in Mentor's Rom JB (in Italian)Stock JB Data Settings vs Mentor's Rom JB Data Settings (in Italian)Stock JB Network Settings vs Mentor's Rom JB Network Settings (in Italian)Stock JB RAM usage vs Mentor's Rom JB RAM usage (in Italian)Stock JB APNs vs Mentor's Rom JB APNs (in Italian and in Italy)Stock JB Location Settings vs Mentor's Rom JB Location Settings (in Italian)Stock JB Language Settings vs Mentor's Rom JB Language Settings (in Italian)Stock JB Info vs Mentor's Rom JB Info (in Italian)Stock JB Phone Settings vs Mentor's Rom JB Phone Settings (in Italian)Stock JB Dialer vs Mentor's Rom JB Dialer (in Italian)Stock JB Contacts vs Mentor's Rom JB Contacts (in Italian)Stock JB File Manager vs Mentor's Rom JB File Manager (in Italian)Stock JB locked bookmarks vs Mentor's Rom JB locked bookmarks (in Italian)Stock JB Power Menù vs Mentor's Rom JB Power Menù (in Italian)Mentor's Rom JB Lockscreen (in Italian)Mentor's Rom JB - Reti DisponibiliGlobal Network popup removed in Mentor's RomBattery in Mentor's Rom