Patch to fully enable GSM on CDMA Global phones with Android

The Global Phones are phones with CDMA and GSM modems but that are usually configured to primarly work on CDMA network and at least to be able to call on GSM network.

If you have a Global Phone for CDMA Network and you want correctly use it on GSM Network than you have to edit the build.prop file to fully enable the GSM(2G)/UMTS(3G) and you have to set APNs to use data.

Correctly editing the build.prop you will unlock the hidden menù Testing if it is locked as for Verizon phones, and you will be able to manage the baseband and you will enable on every Rom these advanced gsm features:

  • GSM/UMTS -> [GSM auto (PRL)] in Testing menù
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • 2G/3G Data
  • USSD Code
  • Call Forwarding
  • Testing menù accessible dialing the code *#*#4636#*#*

with this patch:

  • your SIM GSM will be detected by roms CDMA oriented
  • you will enable the GSM settings in the roms that do not include GSM settings
  • you will add the APNs for the GSM
  • you will enable the GSM in AOSP rom that natively only support the CDMA
  • you will solve the problem "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." in AOSP roms that do not natively provide GSM
  • you will solve the missing request PIN problem, the no signal problem and the no sending sms problem in AOSP roms that do not natively provide GSM

To fully enable the GSM you must edit the build.prop with correct settings, here the principal lines that should be edited:

# Motorola GSM Settings

and here a complete list on what the patch changes in the build.prop:

# General GSM Settings
# Motorola GSM Settings
# European Settings
# Database Settings

The most important setting is:


that sets the default network preference, here the legend:

0     WCDMA preferred
1     GSM only
2     WCDMA only
3     GSM auto (PRL)
4     CDMA auto (PRL)
5     CDMA only
6     EvDo only
7     GSM/CDMA (PRL)
8     LTE/CDMA auto (PRL)
9     LTE/GSM auto (PRL)
10   LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)
11   LTE only
12   Unknown

and here an explanation:

WCDMA preferred - The GSM phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 3G is favored more.
GSM only - The GSM phone is capable of using only 2G data communication. When the 2G signal is too low you get nothing at all.
WCDMA only - The GSM phone is capable of using only 3G data communication. When the 3G signal is too low you get nothing at all.
GSM auto (PRL) - The GSM phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 2G is favored more.
CDMA auto (PRL) - The CDMA phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 2G is favored more.
CDMA only - The CDMA phone is capable of using only 2G data communication. When the 2G signal is too low you get nothing at all.
EvDo only - The CDMA phone is capable of using only 3G data communication. When the 3G signal is too low you get nothing at all.
GSM/CDMA auto (PRL) - The Global Phones are equipped with both GSM and CDMA capabilities. This setting appears to just have the phone attempt to stay connected to the data communication type that works the best.
Unknown - If none of the above fit or the phone is acting weird as far as connecting to the carrier, you will see your preferred network type is set to this.

To use a rom in GSM\UMTS we could also set ro.telephony.default_network to 0, 1 or 2 but we can't set it to 9 and use the LTE because in the USA the frequencies for the 4G are different from the rest of world.


To ensure the fully functioning of the GSM\UMTS the patch will automatically edit your build.prop with correct lines for your phone and will fully disable the CDMA and the LTE. To ensure the proper functioning of the data traffic the patch will add a correct list of GSM APNs for your Android version.

The patch will also make a backup of your original files and in in case of problems you can restore them simply reinstalling the patch.

The patch is persistent. If the patch is installed and you will update your rom without formatting /system then the patch will automatically edit your updated rom settings.

You can install the patch on every AOSP ROM, on every Stock Rom and on every Android version.

Available Version:

  • version: 4.2.7
  • last update: 25-04-2016
  • development status: under active development

How to install\uninstall the patch:

  1. Copy the .zip file to the external memory or memory card
  2. Reboot your phone and enter on your custom recovery
  3. From the Install menu select the .zip file and instal withotut signature verification on your Rom
  4. To uninstall the patch and come back to original setting you have to install a second time the patch

Risk of briking:

  • No one: during installation the installer checks everything is ok and stop installation in case of problem
  • In case of problems after installation you can restore your settings simply installing the patch a second time, in this way the patch will restore backuped settings

Advice post-installation:

  • After installing the patch to optimize the GSM you can go into the hidden menu Testing typing the code *#*#4636#*#* and you have to make sure that the patch has set and otherwise you have to set: Phone info -> Set prefered network type -> GSM auto (PRL)
  • The first time you will set new values in Testing menu after unlocking it the settings will be lost when you turn off the phone and to permanently save the settings in Testing menù after unlocking it you have to do a factory reset
  • The patch should be installed at clean system before the first boot or you should to do a factory reset after installing it otherwise you could have FC and you could have problem to permanent set GSM auto (PRL) but if you can't do this you can try to install the patch on your running system and in case of problems you can uninstall it to restore your backuped settings
  • If you installed the patch on your running system to automatically set the APNs need to follow this step: Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> Restore Defaults
  • If you install the patch on clean system do not restore any previous system backup data

The patch should work on every CDMA Global Phone (certainly for most Verizon phones) and with it you will enable fully the GSM, for now it has been tested and it will most certainly work on these models:

  • HTC Droid Incredible 2 Verizon
  • HTC Droid DNA Verizon
  • LG G2 VS980
  • LG G3 LS990
  • Motorola Droid 3 xt862
  • Motorola Droid Bionic xt875
  • Motorola Droid 4 xt894
  • Motorola Droid Razr M xt905
  • Motorola Droid Razr M xt907
  • Motorola Droid Razr xt912
  • Motorola Droid Razr Maxx xt912
  • Motorola Droid Razr HD xt925 with xt926's Rom
  • Motorola Droid Razr HD xt926
  • Motorola Photon Q xt897
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-I535
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Duos Dual Sim China SCH-I939D

This patch will enable every GSM feature on every CDMA Rom. If your phone is locked you can not unlock it with this patch.

These phones are RIL locked and they can not be unlocked to use them in GSM in US, they can only been used in GSM outside US:

  • Motorola Droid 4 xt894
  • Motorola Droid Razr xt912
  • Motorola Droid Razr Maxx xt912

Here more info.

These phones can be unlocked to use them in GSM in US and outside US:

  • Motorola Droid 3 xt862 - Here the guide.
  • Motorola Droid Bionic xt875 - Here the guide.
  • Motorola Droid Razr M xt907 / Motorola Droid Razr HD xt926 - Here the guide.


How to request support:

  • read this article to avoid redundant questions
  • if you want to know if the patch is compatible with a particular phone, you must provide the file /system/build.prop
  • if after installing the patch there are problems you must provide the files /system/build.prop and /system/build.prop.bak
  • the required files can be sent as attachments via the site's contact form or they can be uploaded somewhere and linked in the comments

If someone successfully use this patch on some other model please leave a comment in this page, so I will be able to update the above list.




Not working on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE Sprint (SM-T807P).
Still not getting to set "GSM auto (PRL)" as the "Set preferred network type"...

Help me, I have an L720T and I have 3G signal with the patch and I have data and I can make calls,
but I can not receive calls, I have ROM VANIR 7.1,
to verify in * # * # 4636 # * # * I have
"Voice call status: Inactive"
there will be some code to activate in the file BUILD.PROP,
or do you recommend me to the problem please...


Thanks for the post! I have a Boost Moto E XT1526 that we are trying to use in Brazil. For some reason the phone can't detect the SIM card at all.

I was using it in Roaming in the US with a Brazilian GSM SIM card (which registered to both T-Mobile and AT&T) but now that it is in Brazil the phone does not detect the SIM card anymore.

We tried one SIM card which the carrier uses 900/1800 MHz and another one that uses 850/1900MHz (this one should work since it is the same bands at AT&T/T-Mobile) but none of them were detect.

Do you think your patch will help me with this issue?


Dear I have a Moto G PLay Verizone buyed in Amazon, I get the unlock imei code for gsm carrier, I type it in the code and the cell send OK, but I dont conect to other carrir, in my case Movistar Argentina, the patch file can run the cellphone? The msg in display say the gsm not a verizone sim, I go to conet carrier , the phone find movistar but can not conet the net , teh wifi run OK, the rest is OK but not call and not msg, do you have an Idea what append? If you have the patch file send me pleas to my email, thanks

Lg volts is a CDMA and 4G LTE phone, and one that I have a IMEI starting with 99000'm just wondering if the patch above may convert to GSM

Am using lg g5 ls992 and was running android 6.0 and made an OTA update to android 7.0 amd the the update my gsm serive is gone so,i need help ia there anything to be done to bring back my gsm serive

L720t problem, no ring, can make call but no ring. Before can but after a day can't. Why that? a bug in this latest version 4.2.7?

In cm-10.2.1 the device cant hang up calls, if i comment telephony.lteOnCdmaDevice=1, hanging up is ok but sending messages not.

L720t problem, no ring, can make call but no ring. Before can but after a day can't. Why that? a bug in this latest version 4.2.7? <---- is for cm-13.0-20160914-NIGHTLY-jfltespr and cm-12.1-20151116-SNAPSHOT-YOG7DAO1JN-jfltespr

Bro i am having LG tribute-virgin LS660 this is sprint mobile can i use this patch to unlock to use gsm
My build number KOT49I.LS660Z4

How can I do it for CDMA/LTE instead?

To use a GSM phone on CDMA network?

i have Lg G4 (LG-AS991) cdma mobile now i want to use gsm Reliance 4g sim. so please help me how can i use gsm sim. please provide patch to fully enable gsm on my lg g4 mobile.

I can try but according to my article you should provide at least its build.prop.

Looks great! But I tried on a LG ls665 and doesn´t leave the lg screen. Maybe bricked? Any help?

The ls665 isn't a global phone.

hello i got a CDMA htc incredible 2 powered by verizon from a friend in USA and i live in Nigeria. So i bypass the activation mode on my CDMA via power on, home button three times and it worked. Then after three years, the pen-torch went off so i couldn't unlock the screen lock so i decided to factory reset it and it went back to activation mode which i tried the method i used 3 years ago and it won't work. So now i am here to unlock it or root it whatever. And i also wish to use GSM NETWORK on it via SD-card?

Carissimo Mentor, intanto grazie per questa ottima patch! Uso un xt894.

Avevo installato la versione 4.2.4 che funzionava bene e mi risolveva un problema di un'altra patch, ma ieri il mio cellulare diceva che la sim voleva riavviare, non so perchè.
Comunque il problema che è tornato è che quando sono all'estero (roaming) per qualche motivo il telefono non capisce piu' su che rete è mi propone solo APN con reti 206-01.

La mia rete, francese è 208-23 e all'estero (italia per me...) cioè quando sono in roaming non funzionano piu' i dati..

La mia domada: Se installo l'ultima versione della patch 4.2.6 mi sovrascrive i setting della 4.2.4 o mi disattiva la patch perchè trova il build.prop.bak ?

Pensavo di spostare il .bak . O pensi sia meglio "riinstallare la 4.2.4 " per disattivarla e poi installare la 4.2.6. Riavviando in mezzo?

Non vorrei che restino settaggi strani tra le varie versioni...

Grazie mille!

In recovery reinstalla la versione 4.2.4, installa la versione 4.2.6 e poi riavvia.

Unfortunately, the patch does not change the USSD code language. it is the same as before in Chinese language.

I'm sorry but I can't do much more with the patch, I think that this problem is in the rom.

im trying in a xt875 but it says installation aborted. i did the wipe data but didnt work, i flashed it but didnt work. help pls. im installing it in the system recovery

Thank you for the tips

You have to use a custom recovery, not the stock recovery.

Motorola droid 4 xt894. When using as CDMA. I am not able to use internet Evdo/1x or its not working. what to do for start working internet in India ?

If you use your phone on cdma network then you can't use this patch, this patch totally disables the cdma and the lte.

I applied the patch on my LS990 just after installing CM12.1. However, it didn't seem to work. The current network value (under Testing -> Phone Information) keeps switching between Sprint and International Roaming. The preferred network type is set to GSM auto (PRL). Any suggestions? Thanks a lot...

I'm sorry but I don't know the LS990, I do not know if it needs to be unlocked in someway. Anyway if you want my support I need the file build.prop, you can send it to me via the contact section of this site.

Working: CyanogenMod12.1-maserati on Motorola Droid 4 (SafeStrap, Rom Slot non-stock).
Just an advice: install CM12, do a first boot with the clean system, then install the patch. It didn't recognize the SIM in my device, before this passage.

The patch should be installed at clean system before the first boot otherwise you have to do a factory reset.

Anyway could you tell me what is the version that you installed? The old version 4.1.6 or the new one 4.2.4?

Hey there! im trying this with my LG VS980 and nothing happens.. it keeps trying to work on cdma!
im in Argentina. i have my build.prop but couldnt attach it here!

The LG VS980 has been reported working with this patch, you should use an AOSP rom.

To attach and send me the build.prop you have to use the contact form of the site.

Please, my phone is LG LS660 (Tribute), I tried to use the patch, but when I start my phone in Recovery Mode and try to open the patch it reads "Can't mount SD Card," and ther's no way I can open it, but the SD Card is working correctly when system starts normally. Is there something I did wrong, or not did??

This depends from the recovery that you are using and not from the patch.

sera que esto funcionaria para un lg lucid 2 vs 870 verizon por favor necesito ayuda amigos

The past versions of the patch did not work on the LG lucid 2 VS870 Verizon but you can try the last version.

Thanks, now the gsm works on my Motorola Droid 4 xt894.

y donde esta el parche para descargarlo ´``+

Please when I try to install the patch. The phone will say signature verification failed. Please what do I need to do?

please explain how to bypass verification

This depends on your custom recovery, you have to check in its settings.

You have to disable the signature verification in the recovery settings.

Hi. Does it work on Motorola XT912 CM12.1?

I live in India having a Verizon version of droid XT91. I can easily use Vodafone GSM. Actually this my carrier. I am on CM2.1. when I was in stock ROM then I could not use USSD cod. Even now I cant use USSD code even after installing the patch. You can use USSD code, just reboot your phone and try. Though you can use for a little while mostly 4-6 times. Thereafter it will tell you 'USSD CODE running' and it gets stuck. Then switch to airplane mode that screen will go off. And then again switch off airplane mod. That's what I do.

 Yes, without problems.

plz help me i am stuck. i copied the patch in sd card but how to enter in custom recovery. tell me with details (Sorry for English)

In my custom recovery? What recovery are you using? Safestrap?

Usually you can enter in a custom recovery with Power On+Vol Up buttons.

Lg volt è un CDMA e un telefono 4G LTE e quella che ho ha una imei che iniziano con 99000 chiedo solo se la patch di cui sopra potrebbe convertire in GSM

Ti faccio i miei complimenti, la patch funziona alla perfezione sul mio Motorola Photon Q.

Ho un LG Volt 4G . Esiste un metodo che posso usare per lavorare con il GSM Si prega di aiuto . La sua su Virgin Operatore di telefonia mobile per impostazione predefinita. Io non so nemmeno se è sbloccato o bloccato. Per favore aiuto.

Mi spiace ma non conosco questo telefono, se è un global phone cdma\gsm puoi installare la patch tramite una custom recovery e provare.

Can you provide a patch for Samsung S3 R530C for Cricket networks. Cricket is discontinuing CMDA service and going to GSM only

If the S3 R530C is a Global Phone you can try the last version of the patch.

Thanks a lot man. it worked perfectly on my motorola Droid Razr xt912

Nice one. It realy work, I used it on my Custom ROM CM11 SNAPSHOT M12- Droid Razr XT912

please tell me that. unfortunately i have selected the usa radio band through the code *#*#4636*#*# after my all signals go down but i reset my phone after just gsm signal available and 3g signals not giving. my phone is droid razr xt912plz help me

You have to reinstall the radio: fastboot flash radio radio.img

The bootloader on the XT912 Droid is locked - so how to you reinstall the radio? I have the same problem - in *#*#4636#*#* I set the radio to USA band by accident. The phone is now bricked and will not pick up any GSM signal. I am hoping for some solution??? I loved my phone....:( I have downloaded 'radiocomm' in the hopes that this program can restore my phone to its original settings. My phone is rooted but I need help. There should be a BIG warning on the internet NOT to hit USA band - it is amazing that there is no fix for this that I can find.

You do not need an unlocked bootloader to reinstall the radio with the fastboot command. If you do not know how to use it then for you the simplest solution is to reinstall the all firmware with rsd lite.

Thank you for your response!!

That turns out to be exactly what I did - I reinstalled all with RSD lite, and then re-rooted with Razr Blade. It turned out well!

Thank you again.....

All the best

Hi all.
I have been using droid for more than two years with stock rom, cm11 and cm12 using safestrap 3.75
but yesterday trying patch latest 2015 mentor patch to CM12 (ver 5.9.2015) I have due to my (bad) curiosity set the USA basebands in menu of service menu after 4636 . Now I am stucked in czech republic without all GSM trafic and calls in ALL systems (even the stock rom) . In cm12 I tried do all wipe of system data etc and reinstall again cm12 but still no GSM. Finding solutions concerning radio.img on google seems to be useless. Links for download are gone and moreover it was for atrix. Please, mentor, write the warning on your web and give the solution to reset back including help how to flash radio and give the file for droid4 here . I am hopeless. It seems the band change sets permanently some option elswhere - not in system rom - I was hoping the sefestrap compltely isolates difeferent partions as virtual system. Apparently its not the case. Petr Skoda

You have to extract the radio.img from the sbf file of the xt894 and then you can install it with fastboot, otherwise you have to reinstall the entire sbf file with the utility or with rsd lite.

Thank you very much ! Now I already understand the tricks. I have unziped the latest Verizon firmware
Found a "radio" partition image - and using my command (notice the fastboot was for linux - but name does not matter )
"fastboot-linux flash radio radio.img" I got a GSM signal back !
Then I have applied the Mentor patch (4.1.6. I think) to all systems (while removing the older patch) I have in safestrap (CM11,CM12 , and stock) and I have perfect GSM signal.
Just to note for others - you have to go to fastboot AP mode on mobile (pressing vol+, vol- and power then select by vol- and confirm by vol+ ). Cable is normal USB universal cable - not needed special Motorola cable.

Mentor - thanks for excellent work on patch - But PLEASE write a warning about NOT setting baseband to USA in Europe and the solution with fastboot to your web page (where you refer to 4636 - I am sure many people will appreciate this !
Petr Skoda

Since I'm on Slimkat / Android version 4.4.4 and my Moto XT894, I'm facing serious troubles with the gsm connection. I have to restrict the data-mode to 2G (GSM only). If I switch it to 2G/3G auto (WCDMA/GSM auto) the phone process keeps crashing in a loop, when a 3G connection would be available. Can someone confirm this?

Successfully tested with the latest nightly of SlimKat on my xt894.

I have to add:
The problems started after an update to slimkat 6.3 (6.0 before i think) and now I'm at 6.8.
Today I tried to go back to 5.8, where it was definitely working before. But still no chance - same crashing behaviour. It seems like something has been broken and still resides on my phone. I don't like to wipe the userdate partition. Any chance?

If uninstalling the patch you will not solve your problems you have to wipe the /userdata partition.

Do you have any suggestions, why it crashes when connected CDMA on my xt894? (slimkat build 6.8). Can I undo the GSM patch? I always thought that a new install of an ROM does wipe the build.prop file completely to stock and the patch gets applied automatically. Something wrong here? Thx

Please wait, CDMA? this patch disables the CDMA network and enable the GSM. To undo the patch you have simply to reflash the same patch.

Everything is wrote in the article, please read it before asking.

Fully working in XT912 witch Cyanogenmod 11 M7

I am in east Africa and am really having problems with this motorola verizon. The network z always on edge, j would like to be able to use 3g.....maximum now it shoots z to H with. Low network....any help rendered will b greatful.

You have to root your phone, then you have to install a custom recovery and finally you can flash this patch.

Didn't work on Bionic Jelly Bean 4.1.2 SafeRoot, SafeStrap 3.11 Installed with no errors, but still got the error that android had stopped, and wouldn't finish boot with the ATT Sim card.

Hello, I have a LG lucid 2 VS870 Verizon, its a global phone, but do not work on Europe gsm. I show you its /system/build.prop do you think that your patch is going to work? can you do a patch for that phone? Thanks

#Postedit by Mentor, removed build.prop: you have to send me your build.prop by email.

I have seen your build.prop and the patch will not work but you can manually editing your and everything should work.

I tried to edit the lines that was present on my phone but didnt work.... Let me know where it could be the problem

Everything is wrote in the guide:

  1. Edit the lines that are present in your build.prop
  2. Factory Reset
  3. *#*#4636#*#* -> GSM auto (PRL)


I changed the build.prop , I did a reset factory, but when I do *#*#4636#*#* the phone still tell to me "only emergency call".
Where is the porblem of my phone?

If you correctly edited the build.prop and you can't use the GSM then you can't unlock your phone in this way, I'm sorry.

But not all the lines that you say to modify, are present on my built.prop.....
what should i do? add the lines that are not present?

How to install this patch correctly on stock 4.1.2 Moto Droid Razr XT912? Is it possible that the patch is not compatible with some European GSM/WCDMA network operators? I tried factory resets, etc, but on my main operator I am getting all the time the FC. On other operator everything works just great!

After installing the patch did you do a factory reset?

yes I did. I even deleted the OS (I wiped data, cache, dalvik and system from SafeStrap), bricked my phone, unbricked it, installed the patch, wiped again dalvik and cache from SafeStrap - the result is the same.The is FC randomly. Flashed again the stock ROM with full data wipe, root it, safestrap, flashed the patch, factory reset from - the final result is the same.

On the other hand with other SIM card from other Provider this patch seems to work great. On CM11 M2, M3, M6 and my current SIM the patch apparently was running smooth and great. There was some FC after a random reboot, but I did not pay any attention to this FC as it were extremely rare ones.

P.S. Do you have a build.prop file configured for XT912, Jelly Bean? I am looking forward to try the manual setup.

Thx for your prompt reply!

p.s. i missed to mention it. the patch is not uninstalling properly neither. The FC continues even when I flash one more time the patch for uninstalling it and restore from the backup. something is going wrong here and I just cant figure it out. Only a full ROM flash with RSD lite helps. Factory Reset is not helping at all.

What is the providers who is giving you problems?

Where you make the factory reset? From recovery o from OS?

After installing the patch are you restoring some backup?

The operator is Moldcell, from Moldova.
I was factory resetting the phone from the recovery. No restores, I've forgot my TiBackup passphrase :)
Anyway, I am thinking to flash again CM11, as the stock ROM is even more unusable as the custom one. It was really bothering me that it takes too much time to boot up CM, but the overall usability of the stock Jelly Bean is unacceptable. I guess with CM11 everything should be just great with this patch.

p.s. About the factory reset, I was doing it correctly, from the recovery? Or the right way is from the OS? And I guess, for future updates of the CM, there should not be any problems with restoring my apps from a TiBackup without system ones.

Hello, I have a Motorola Droid 4 from Verizon. I live in Europe. I have this phone for more than a year and it worked fine both 2G and 3G before I switched to another carrier. I switched to weeks ago and it seemed to work fine, but from last week I can only connect to 2G networks. With other carrier's cards 3G is working so 3G connectivity is working fine. I tried this patch on both on Stock and AOSP 4.4.2 ROM. Same issue with just one carrier. Is there any possibility to solve that? I'm confused, why everything worked for ~8 days and then stopped. Build number is 9.8.20-72_VZW-18-9.

thanks ... I tested the pack on my motorola XT912 phone radz me and has solved the problem of gsm. I have installed based on android 4.4.2 cm11 kk

hi, can i use the patch in another android phone from another country? i use haier ad681h, it's a dual cdma gsm phone by smartfren (an indonesia cdma operator). all i need is to enable its gsm data connection (2nd slot and unlocked). pls response and thanks a lot..

You can try, for a sure answer I should have your build.prop.

ok, i can send you my build.prop. what is your email?

As I wrote to you by email after seeing your bild.prop the patch will not work, you have to manually edit the build.prop replacing the lines present in it with the lines that are in my guide. In this way you will fully enable the gsm disabling the cdma.

Here you can have my email.

Factory Reset?

I already tried this and also tried on freshly installed 4.4.2 system on Slot 1 using Safestrap. What interest me most: why with two networks operators 3G works without a glitch and with one operator I can only get 2G.

You should ask this to your new carrier. Did you set correct APNs?

Anyway this problem does not depend from the patch.

this patch enable 4g lte? how active 4g on mi droid 4 i from chile?

What are lte frequencies in chile?

The hz is the 2600 mhz

The lte frequencies that the droid 4 can use is only 700 MHZ.


I have a XT875, i cant get it to work.

Here is my procedure:

1- Install stock JB.
2- Use Radiocomm to unlock bands.
3- Root the phone.
4- Install safetsrap
5- Install the patch

When I go into network, it is in cdma roaming mode, I go to the hiden menu and try to change it and it appears stoped working.

I tried factory reset, but keep trhowing the same error.

Please help.


What is the rom that you are using?

Im using stock 4.1.2 Jelly bean.

I do not have this phone and I can't help you, you have to search on xda for more info.

Is this patch necessary for a verizon droid razr maxx hd? I already unlocked it. It is a global phone, so won't both 3g and 4g be enabled by default? Under CDMA, do both 3g and 4g work, also? Thank you

Yes, to correctly use the phone under gsm network you have to flash this patch.

Do you think this work on lg intuition jellybean? On ICS could be used on gsm but in jellybean its not a way to change network to gsm

I do not know this phone but if it is a verizon global phone the patch should work.

ho smanettato un po con il build. prop ma non riesco a far funzionare la connessione dati.. qualcuno saprebbe aiutarmi?? Grazie :)

Cosa significa che hai smanettato con il build.prop? hai installato la patch? Se una volta installata la patch hai problemi mandami tramite email i files build.prop e build.prop.bak .

Come da titolo mi chiedevo se qualcuno avesse provato ad installare questa patch sul motorola droid 3 xt860 con rom custom (CM 9 e/o 10). Sono giorni che provo a far andare la connessione dati, ma non ci riesco D: Ringrazio in anticipo e Buon Modding :)

Se non sbaglio l'xt860 non è Verizon e dovrebbe essere abilitato il gsm nativamente, comunque puoi sempre provare ad installare la patch.

Hello, first I would like to thank you for developing this great solution!
Through reading the comments it wasn't clear to me if anyone had success with this setup with an S3 rooted from stock 4.3.
It seems that this newest update is giving many people trouble...

Yes, the patch surely works on S3 and should work on 4.3 rom.

i have download the patch into my razr mazz xt908 external memory card but i dont know how to enter on my Recovery (Clockworkmod or TWP). please help.

You have to install a custom recovery, you can install SafeStrap.

Thank you for such a nice article. I know the post is an old one now. My Phone is Motorola XT875 verizon

I am facing one problem. I have pulled build.prop through ADB environment on my PC. When I edit the file, it is not giving me all the entries mentioned in your manual procedure. For example " #General GSM Settings - "telephony.lteOnGsmDevice=1" . This and some other entries are not present.

Question: Should I write all the entries manually in the build.prop file and push the file to phone? Or do I have to do something else?

Highly appreciated if you reply.


As written in the article: "If you want manually edit the build.prop you have to correct only the lines that are present in it" .

no hablo espanol

Does the patch work on CM11 M2, Moto Droid XT912? I'am using it on CM 10.2 M2 and it works just great. Wondering about CM11 'cause I am thinking to upgrade. Many thanks for replies and many thanks to the developer. Great Job !!!

Yes, the patch works without any problem on xt912 with cm11.

Thx for a promt reply!

So you can install the patch on a xt912 razr but it still won't run on gsm network in the US. so you can run 11 but just not on gsm..... I also saw somewhere you said that Verizon had to unlock that. Will Verizon unlock it or is that a dream? I have this phone and want to use it will att network

I do not think that verizon will unlock its phones, this is only a dream.

Ciao, ho visto la tua config, e l'ho cambiata nel mio droid bionic, ma adesso nn esce neanche il simbolo 3G sullo schermo, so che ho JB 4.1.2 , ma nn so che versione di recovery ho.
non sonno affatto uno newbie su questo tema, ma ho qualche problema sul'attivazione
Ho gia tentato tutto, Radiocomm (con successo), e pure root con sucesso.

Se carichi soltanto la versione del build.prop da sola, non funge lo stesso??

Cosa intendi per caricare soltanto la versione del build.prop da sola?

voglio dire che tu nel file patch che caricichi ci sono altri cartelle, insieme a metada data e altre.
ma se carichi il file build.prop da solo non sarebbe piu facile?
ieri ho cambiato tutto quello che hai detto, e adesso non vedo neanche il 3g nel mio telefono

E menomale che c'hai tenuto a precisarmi che non eri un novizio, ma non sai dirmi che recovery utilizzi né sai come è fatto uno zip installabile da recovery, pensa te se fossi stato un novizio...

Comunque sia credo che come custom recovey utilizzi SafeStrap e potresti provare ad aggiornare all'ultima versione.

Per quanto riguarda la mia patch essa modifica solo il file build.prop, installa una lista di apn corretti ed in caso di telefoni motorola anche una libreria gsm corretta, tutti gli altri files che vedi nell'archivio sono dei files necessari ad un qualsiasi file zip installabile da recovery e degli script scritti da me per l'installazione condizionale della patch.

Onestamente non so cosa tu abbia fatto e come tu abbia modificato il tuo file build.prop.

Avevi provato ad installare la mia patch con la stock recovery, normale che non si installasse; non è un mio trucco, tutte le patch devono essere installate con una custom recovery come SafeStrap.

Per quanto riguarda il problema di rete che hai col tuo bionic non posso darti molta assistenza dato che non avendone uno non ci ho mai lavorato personalmente ma c'è una procedura per sbloccarne il gsm e quindi ti consiglio di cercare su xda nell'apposita sezione ma comunque assicurati di seguire pedissequamente quanto ho scritto:

  1. Installazione della patch
  2. Factory Reset
  3. *#*#4636#*#* -> GSM auto (PRL)

ciao, lho gia fatto, mi sn resso conto che nn avevo il safestrap installato, e l'ho installato, e da li sono riuscito ad installare il tuo patch file
tutto cn essito
MA! ancora nn ho rete, il simbolo 3g é tornato quando metto la Sim.
ma continua a dirmi "mobile network not available"

(il trucco del tuo patch é che devi avere il safestrap installato)

ho questo boot

penso che sia safetrap, perche il CWM lo conozco

Ok, grazie per l'ironia, cmq, ho provato a installare col recovery il file che tu ci dai, ma nn succede niente,



Hi to all members on this community i am thanks to the administrator of this forum for approve my account i am sure here i got better knowledge thanks again. My name is Ronald.

Ronald, you are welcome.


can't get patch to install on droid bionic. just says patch aborted. won't even do it after factory wipe and before first boot.

Are you using the patch version 2.9.3?

yes, 2.9.3

What recovery are you using?

a me fa lo stesso, nn si installa

I have a MOT Droid Razr in USA, used under verizon CDMA network so far, trying to switch to T-Mobile GSM network. I have tried the instructions listed here by copying the ZIP file to the SDCARD, recovery boot etc.., it kept failing and it aborts.

I guess this could be due to /system folder not mounted with RW permission.

I was able to remount this folder to have RW permission using the Shell app with super user permissions.

I would like start the script to install your patch from the shell. can you guide me on what script or binary to execute? I have tried the script updater-script under META-INF\com\google\android and i couldn't execute it as it doesn't have the permission or so.

I guess i will ask you instead of reandomly trying things on my own :-)

I'm experiencing the same issue. I try to install the patch using clockwork and the installation aborts. I have rooted, bootloader unlocked, verizon xt907 with CyanogenMod 10.1.3. Any ideas?

"Mounting your /system partition...
Checking Existing Install...
Installation Aborted!
You tried installing the patch in an empty partition!
You have to install the patch after installing a rom!!!
Deleting temp files..
Unmounting /system partition... "

This problem has been solved in the version 3.2 .

Thank you for your quick response!! I will download and install shortly.

One thing before i do this..will my current Verizon LTE card continue to work after this patch??

The reason i am installing this is when i travel out of country the Phone does not automatically set the APN for the foreign SIM card. This has been a big problem for me when traveling...will this fix my problem?

The patch will disable the LTE but you can restore it simply uninstalling the patch.

You can't use the Razr in US under GSM network, it is locked.

thank you and at some future?

I need droid razr utility 1.6 please

About xt912 unlock, only Verizon can unlock it.

I'm in the USA and will be traveling to Mexico. Do you suggest installing the patch before or after being there? Thank you.

You should install the patch after being there.

I have a Motorola RAZR XT 912
CORE VERSION 3.0.8-gbacb1cf
number compiliacion 9.8.20-72_vzw-16
please help me to unlock thanks

You can't unlock the xt912, you can only use it in GSM outside the US.

Thank's for your work.

I've used your patch for my [email protected]
It seems to work fine, but one thing is not working though: my apn list is empty.
In order to get the data connection to work, I had to add my provider's APN by hand ( That's strange, cause I assumed, that the supplied apn-conf in the patch should do that already. Can you help me out?

This problem has been solved in version 1.6.

Is the build.prop on the homepage the same as the latest patch? I just want to mod the build.prop and not install a zip. Thank you for your research, solutions and assistance! Sorry email address is fake.

Yes, they are the same, you can manually edit your build.prop with these settings.

Yes, I know this problem and this is a cm 10.2 issue. I do not know if cdma users have the same problem; If cdma users have not this problem i could try to solve this for gsm users. For now i have not indagate more because the cm 10.2 is in nightly version so it could have a lot of problems.

Great work.

Hi, do you have an updated patch to work with Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 on the Motorola Droid 4?

You can install this patch to enable the GSM on the CyanogenMod 10.1.3.

Hi, I _have_ installed the patch on CM 10.1.3 on my Droid 4, but I still get " stopped" errors when trying to access mobile network settings.

I've tried a clean wipe and 10.1.3 install and it hasn't helped.

In the droid 4 this patch surely works on the cm 10.1.2 and on the cm 10.2 so it should work on the cm 10.1.3 too. Could you send me the build.prop file after the patch?

Hi, I've finally got GSM working again by doing a complete re-install, removing my SafeStrap partition and creating a new one.

This time I also didn't restore my data from my old backup, which I is the most liekly cause of the problem.

It's just a shame I've got to re-setup all my apps again ><

Hello, I had the same problem with my Droid 4 I always got a the " stopped" message when I tried to access the mobile networks menu.

I found out this a CM issue. The problem is that a part of the "setting" array is not translated into other languages than the default english us.

To fix this problem temporary, set the language to English US and make your settings in mobile networks menu. After that you can change back to your preferred language.

In CM is a ticket for it open. So hopefully it will be fixed sometimes.

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