Vodafone Station: allow http access at a new headless device

The first time that we try to access in internet with our browser using the http protocol with a new device in our LAN behind a Vodafone Station, we are welcomed by a page that is used to get the mac address of the new device and register it in the Vodafone Station. Usually this isn't a problem but if the new device is an headless device as a server this procedure becomes a problem because the device doesn't have a browser to be welcomed and registered and then the Vodafone Station doesn't allow us to navigate and this causes us a lot of problems as the impossibility to update our system, for example if we run the apt-get update we receive this error:

Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NOSPLIT' (does the network require authentication?)

Once knowing the problem, then the solution is really simple, we have to register our new headless server with the browser of a different device in our LAN, we can do this simply reaching this page:


where the host_mac is obviously the mac address of our headless device:

ifconfig -a